IMPORTANT: The pike fishing season is STRICTLY limited to 1st October to 31st March; outside this period, ie April to September, we do not allow anyone to catch pike and therefore use of spinners is not permitted during this period.

The fishery opening hours are strictly 6.30 to dusk (currently 8pm). No-one is allowed entry prior.

No barbed or micro barbed hooks to be used. Anyone found using them will be asked to leave and not given a refund.

These rulings will be enforced by our Bailiff Andy as he walks around the lake.

Please check all our rules before fishing. Like most fisheries we do rig checks and anyone found breaking the rules will be banned for life.


Tuesday 17th May 2022

We have had such a fabulous start to the Spring fishing season here at Shillinglee ... so many fabulous captures to report. Huge congratulations to Jon for landing a fantastic 31lb 3oz Mirror, Andy our Bailiff who caught Carp, Roach and Rudd, Rich 17lb Mirror & 2lb Roach and Keith for a stunning 30lb 13oz Commmon Carp, 31lb 3oz Common, 22lb Mirror and several smaller Carp.

Jon also had a bumper session landing a huge 27lb 3oz Mirror, as has Alan 30lb 2oz Mirror &  Paul who added 28lb and 12lb Mirrors to a fabulous month's fishing here. Well done everyone.

Wednesday 20th April 2022

What a fabulous, sunny Easter weekend! We hope you all had a lovely Bank Holiday. We celebrated numerous angling successes here at Shillinglee... congratulations Jon for landed this fabulous trio: 19lb 6oz & 16lb 15oz Commons and a 15lb 2oz Mirror, Rich C for a lovely 17lb 6oz Mirror, Alan 18lb Common & Richard for a whopping 21lb Mirror.

As the summer approaches, why not hire our stunning & peaceful Silverdale Pond for a day? 60 for exclusive use & a BBQ set up for your use, all ready to go. Email us to book yourself and friends/family in!

Monday 11th April 2022

As Easter approaches, the weather warms up and the new leaves unfurl, Spring is definitely in the air here at Shillinglee.

We have celebrated some great captures recently... Ben 22lb 6oz Common, Andy 14lb 8oz Common, & also Alan with a whopping 32lb Mirror. Well done all. Do come and join us on our lovely lakes, catch some Easter rays and hopefully some great fish!

Friday 1st April 2022

A friendly reminder that yesterday marked the end of the Pike fishing season. We want to thank all of our intrepid Pike community, and congratulate you all on an amazing season. We have celebrated some fabulous captures up to 26lb. The Pike will now have some respite until the new season starts on October 1st.

Monday 28th March 2022

Spring is certainly in the air here at Shillinglee.. and now the clocks have gone forward, the nights are lighter and the air warmer, there is a definite spring in our step!

We have seen some great captures in this last week of the Pike fishing season, which ends on 31st March. Well done George for the lovely 22lb 9oz beauty he landed last week, John for a fabulous 20lb-er and also to the day ticket holder ..we managed to get a photo and weight but no name... for the stunning 26lb beauty captured over the weekend. A fantastic final chapter in what has been a very memorable Pike season.

 Friday 18th March 2022

With the pike fishing season nearing its end on 31st March, we would like to pay tribute to our amazing, intrepid Pike fishing community for their dedication and numerous successes!

Congratulations must go to Barry 16lb 3oz, John 21lb, Keith 15lb and of course the legend that is Peter, our most regular and successful pike fisherman for his too-numerous-to-list captures.

Not to be outdone, we also celebrated many great Carp captures.... to name a few: Keith 22lb 11oz Mirror & 22lb Common, Craig 18lb Common, Jon 12lb Common, Rich 27lb 7oz Mirrror & 25lb 10oz Common, Alan 18lb Common, Paul 30lb & 22lb Commons & Howard 15lb Common. Huge well done all... an incredibly successful March!

Please note the Pike have now stopped spawning so do come and make the most of the remaining fortnight of the season. We look forward to welcoming you.

Friday 25th February 2022

As we bid goodbye to February, with its torrential rain and devastating storms, we are looking forward to more Spring-like weather as we head into March. Nevertheless, February did produce some fabulous captures and great angling sucess stories...

Craig, one of our regulars kicked off the month in amazing style, with 3 Mirrors: 22lb 2oz, 19lb 8oz and 15lb, 2 Commons 20lb 2oz & 19lb 4oz and a 13lb 8oz Pike! Huge congratulations!

Peter our demon Piker added to his haul with 5 Pike ranging from 14lb down to 6lb, and George added 13lb and 7lb Pike to the tally.

Later in February Keith enjoyed a fabulous weekend's angling .. bagging 21lb and 14lb Common, and our wider Pike fishing devotees landed numerous fish up to 16lb. Also deserving of a mention is Barry for the stunning 16lb 3oz Pike he caught over the past weekend. Well done everyone... we are lucky to have such a dedicated & loyal community here at Lakeside!

Monday 31st January 2022

We have celebrated some brilliant captures during the last fortnight... huge shout out to our dedicated, loyal pike fishing community... and well done!

Also congrats go to Craig, 12lb Mirror, Lee 16lb Mirror and Aiden who landed his first Perch .. a lovely fish, 2lb and Aiden's dad for the numerous Perch and Roach. We have definitely noticed more Juniors fishing with us lately, and given they only pay 10 for a day ticket, that's no surprise. Its heartwarming to watch the different generations fishing together, and angling skills being passed down. Come and join us!

Friday 14th January 2022

Happy New Year! Hopefully it has got off to as good a start for you as it has for us... we have been enjoying the colder, sunnier weather and have seen some amazing angling success stories... both with our regular Pike fishing community and some smaller Carp and Roach too.

We remain fully open from 6.30am to dusk, have plentiful parking, loos, take cash or card and you will be assured a warm welcome from Andy our brilliant bailiff. Come and start 2022 with some fabulous captures... we look forward to seeing you here on our beautiful lakes.

Wednesday 22nd December 2021

Congratulations to Howard for landing a stunning 32lb 8oz Mirror last week, and Steve for the 8lb Pike he caught at the weekend. The pike fishing season continues to deliver, well done all!

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that we are closed Christmas Day, and re-open Boxing Day, 6.30 to dusk.

Merry Christmas to you all, and we hope you have a very Happy New Year. The Shillinglee Team

Monday 13th December 2021

We are marching towards Christmas here with the pike season in full flow... some fabulous captures from our day ticket holders and we are always delighted to see multi-generational groups around the lake, as the experienced, more senior anglers pass on years of valuable experience to the younger ones. We welcome all ages and abilites... Juniors fish for 10 on a day ticket, and Silverdale Lake can be hired for 60 exclusive use for a day, with a BBQ supplied... BYO food.

Congratulations Richard, who landed three stunning Mirror Carp over the weekend, 28lb 8oz, 16lb 8oz and 15lb.

 Monday 22nd November 2021

A stunning & successful weekend to report here in sunny Shillinglee... lots of Pike caught, largest a whopping 23lb.. photos to follow! Autumn is fully established here... the lakes are fringed with beautiful leafy displays of Autumnal colour ... and equally importantly, we are experiencing some fabulous fishing success stories! Come and see for yourselves... we take cash & card, have plenty of parking, toilet facilities and you are guaranteed a warm welcome!

Monday 15th November 2021

Autumn has well and truly arrived here at Shillinglee... the leaves are on the turn and our lakes look especially beautiful. Our pike fishing community have been celebrating as we've had some great successes, including several weighing 10-15lb. Congratulations also to Andy, our Bailiff, for the stunning 19lb Common he landed over the weekend, and Jack for the 18lb Common yesterday!

Friday 5th November 2021

Please note our opening hours are now (strictly) 6.30am to 5pm for day ticket holders until further notice.

Monday 1st November 2021

Congratulations Theo for landing a stunning 22lb 10oz Mirror yesterday, Alan for the 12lb Pike and all our successful Pike anglers - a fantastic weekend!!

Friday 29th October 2021

What a great week for numerous captures, huge well done Jon for the lovely 21lb 9oz Common & 16lb 12oz Mirror, Jack 23lb, 10lb and 19lb 8oz Commons; Rich 11lb Mirror; Charlie 10lb Common; Ben 12lb Mirror - & to our dedicated Pike fishing community who are enjoying continual stunning success.

We are open from 6.30 to dusk, take cash or card payment, have plenty of parking and toilet facilities... come and join us!

Monday 18th October 2021

Another successful weekend here at Shillinglee... the Pike season continues to produce numerous captures, with over half a dozen reported up to 15lb, well done all.

Congratulations Ben for landing a lovely 14lb Common to go with the 27lb Common he caught earlier in the day, and Jack for his 14lb Common.

Monday 11th October 2021

The Pike fishing season here at Shillinglee has got off to a cracking start, with Peter the Demon Piker landing two beauties: 14lb 8oz and 13lb, Lee a lovely 20lb 2oz whopper and Ben with a 22lb-er. Several other day ticket holders also landed some lovely pike, so all in all we saw 12+ out during last week/the weekend. A great start, well done everyone!

Not to be outdone, our Carp fishing community also celebrated some great Autumn captures: Theo who added a 16lb Common to the enormous 30lb 10oz Mirror of last week; Howard 23lb Mirror; Jack 17lb 10oz Mirror and 18lb 10oz Common and significantly Ben with 17lb Mirror, 27lb and 20lb Common to add to his pike success. Huge well done everyone!

 Friday 1st October 2021

Today marks the start of the pike fishing season and we wish to remind all of our customers that entry to the lake is strictly 6.30am to dusk. Our bailiff regularly walks around the lake and anyone on site prior to these hours will be asked to leave.

We would also remind all fishermen that treble hooks are not allowed, although two single hooks are permitted. Anyone found to be using trebles, or not abiding by our rules will be asked to leave and banned for life.

Additionally we expect all our anglers to have a good quality mat and landing net. Thank you. The Shillinglee Team

Monday 13th September 2021

We hope you have all enjoyed the recent very mini heatwave and drastic improvement in the weather... it's certainly been bucolic and beautiful here on our lakes.

Huge congratulations to Alan for his incredible success here over the past week. He has not only celebrated some brilliant Carp captures: two Common and 2 Mirror 14-18lbs but also a PB with a stunning 31lb 2oz Mirror!

Wednesday 1st September 2021

As we say goodbye to an unseasonably soggy August and hopefully look ahead to some balmy early Autumn weather, we have had a great week here at Shillinglee... huge well done to Alan for landing a whopping 31lb 2oz Mirror, and Rich for a pair of stunning Commons weighing in at 11lb 11oz and 11lb 2oz.

We've also noticed an increase in popularity of exclusive hire of our smaller Silverdale lake.. perfect for families, and day hire includes a BBQ (BYO food and drink). Several families have taken advantage of this recently, and enjoyed great success ... landing many smaller 2-4lb Carp. A perfect introduction to fishing for our younger future anglers!

We are seeing alot of lovely Perch & Roach at the moment... come and see for yours